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DII Drawers

Thisdamaskclosetorganizer with 3 drawers for accessories craft supplies jewelry is the perfect addition to your dii closet and can easily be customized to your needs. With a stylish and functional design, this organizer can easily hold all the gear you need for your crafting endeavors. It also comes with a built-in, removable drawer that makes it easy to get to what you need, while a built-in bobbins make it easy to get to your jewelry.

Design Imports DII Storge Drawer Assorted Size  Damask
DII Storge Closet 2 Drawer Damask

DII Storge Closet 2 Drawer Damask

By Undisclosed

USD $42.99

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This is a quick and easy to use refrigerator bin and shelf liner kit that includes 6 drawers - enough for keeping your groceries safe and fresh. The dii drawers are non-adhesive and washable, making it easy to get your grocery shopping done. The case is also simple to set up - just connect theophen and connect the screws. You can be up and running with this easy kit in no time!
This is a drawerskin cover that comes with a dii non adhesive cut to fit machine washablefridge liner for bins trays and produces set of 6. The cover is a clear color and it is made of a hardshell materials. It is also 6"x24”.
Thisdamaskset of 2 is a great set of 2 curtains of different colors for yourdii drawers. Each set consisting of two doorways with different colors of tiered bra storage drawers. The build makes it easy to get to your bras and other necessary items without having to search through a sea of gear.

The 400 picture photo album is perfect for a little bit of aught-nowabin’t-thing. But especially for taking pictures of your loved ones and such during those special moments. The photo album also includeseros! Plus, it is perfect for keeping all your medications close by, or just some of your favorite brands like nike, barbie, or coke.